An Insight Into Visual Merchandising

Published: 21st July 2010
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Visual merchandising and window dressing is key to improved sales. Get to grips with the basics of visual merchandising and watch your sales go through the roof.

Visual merchandising - commonly known as window dressing - has been a familiar feature on the high street for over 100 years and is an influential factor that not only allows potential customers to view your stock but can also be used to encourage them to make that all important purchase. Merchandising varies from sector to sector so it's important to apply techniques dependent on the kind of item you are selling.

When it comes to clothing and accessories, visual merchandising is particularly useful when showing potential customers what a piece of clothing might look like on, as well as the shape and cut of the garment. Positioning a mannequin in your shop window will allow passers-by to view outfits, aswell as allowing you to showcase the very latest stock. When merchandising within the shop itself it's also recommended to group together those items which work well as an outfit, complimented by an accessory or items that are on offer.

Similar to the presentation of clothing, merchandising food and drink is commonplace and particularly prevalent in supermarkets and greengrocers. Ensuring that produce looks fresh, succulent and ripe are among the key visual elements when merchandising fruit and vegetables. Rotten or damaged produce is off putting to buyers and is also detrimental in terms of health and safety and food hygiene. Sellers merchandising canned or sundry goods can make their stock look more appealing by grouping items neatly on shelves, as well as creating eye catching displays when special offers are in place.

Visual merchandising doesn't stop in store. With the rise and rise of the internet a new phenomenon is sweeping the ether as the practice of window dressing takes on digital form. Known as conversion rate optimisation, visual merchandising is one part of this technique that encourages site visitors into the sales funnel and towards a completed transaction. As the move towards the virtual high street becomes more popular, the likes of conversion rate optimisation and digital merchandising are undoubtedly set to become increasingly commonplace.

Are you a shop owner? Make your stock look more appealing by taking the time to merchandise goods and watch your sales sky rocket!

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