Inequality Against Women Still Exists

Published: 21st May 2010
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Despite being in the 21st century, inequality between men and women is still very much part of Western society. Although women have made ground in the work place, in politics and within the family home as well, there are still areas where women have to catch up with men.

The wage a woman earns is typically one of the big topics in the gender inequality debate. Although woman are finding themselves in positions with more and more responsibility such as management, chairperson and entrepreneurial roles, men in similar positions are still paid more. One example is the difference in wage between people working in IT. The average salary for a man in this profession is £32,000 while a woman working the same job gets paid £27,000.

Within the family home there are also inequalities as women struggle to become the breadwinner, mother and wife. Sadly, statistics show that 1 in 3 of today's marriages end in divorce meaning more and more children are being raised by one parent. In keeping with tradition, most children end up living with their mother rather than their father to such an extent that 73% of single parent families are headed up by a female.

Finally, although females are catching up with their male counterparts when it comes to earnings there are still other areas of finance where inequality exists. In a recent study by Aviva healthcare it was discovered that 36% of women have life cover and just 18% have critical illness cover. Critics think this could be linked to women traditionally not having control of finances which needs to change now women are earning more and leading single parent families.

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