The Japanese Parcel Delivery Box

Published: 13th July 2010
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Most of us have experienced the frustration of missing a parcel delivery whilst we were out. This usually means trailing to the local post office or round to the neighbour's house to retrieve the item. However, in Japan, this problem is far less common due to the innovative parcel delivery boxes which are becoming a common feature of new Japanese flats.

The delivery box was first introduced to the apartment building market about 15 years ago, and are fast becoming the norm in the construction of flats in Japan. These boxes allow for the safe-keeping of any parcels or goods which have been delivered to your door whilst you were not home to collect them.. Resembling a safe or locker, the box is a secure and convenient solution to an all too familiar problem.

Situated on the front door of the property, the lockers can be accessed using several methods, depending upon the model, with PIN codes, verification cards and combination locks the main methods of security integrated into the designs. The delivery person is given access to the locker to safely store the package until you return.

The size of the delivery box is surprising, with the capacity to accommodate a small television or desktop computer. In order to allow for larger objects to be fitted into the locker, the compartment slides backwards into the property to allow for a larger volume of space.

This innovation in parcel delivery would eradicate the need to retrieve packages which were not received upon the arrival of the delivery person, whilst providing a secure location for the temporary storage of your packages. With a delivery box installed, we need not worry about leaving the house and missing the arrival of items being delivered top our doors.

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