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Published: 25th June 2012
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Dual SIM phones, although not very present here in the UK have a major role in many different countries around the world. The number of benefits they provide for the average consumer and to the business man working internationally. There are many reasons to make sure you are not being inconvenienced or missing out on the benefits that a dual SIM phone can bring to your life today. Many handset manufacturers have realised the potential within the UK market are there are more and more handsets available.

What Is A Dual SIM Phone?

A dual SIM phone is a mobile phone that can hold two SIM cards. There are several types of device on the market today that allow both SIM cards to be active at the same time. Not only this but in China there is already a triple SIM phone in production. Clearly showing the demand for such a device in today’s markets.

Previous attempts to this solution have been using adapters or SIM holders. This is a viable alternative but involved many problems, such as having to turn off the phone every time you would like to change SIM and still having to manually insert the separate SIM.

Now there are mobile phones available within the UK market that allow the simultaneous use of separate SIM cards, with the flick of a switch to both being active. Helping provide up-to-date technology for all of use to enjoy.

So How Can A Dual SIM Phone Benefit Me?

Dual SIM phones have many different specific uses but the two most common for those in the UK are for using when travelling on holiday, and for international use when travelling for business proposes. Providing a much cheaper alternative than using your current mobile tariff. Also allowing for cheap calls that can be conducted locally and not falling victim to expensive roaming charges.

By dividing business with personal SIM's is just the beginning. No longer is it necessary to carry two mobile phones, keys, MP3 players and many other necessities everywhere you go. Another major benefit from using a dual SIM phone is the improved battery life. These devices are not yet up to smart phone status therefore as feature phones their battery life will outlast even the best smart phone on the market today no problem. Another issue that can be important when travelling long distances for both the businessman and holiday traveller.

When we go on holiday we all have experienced the worry and panic of making sure no-one uses data or calls friends and family back home, in fear of facing excessive phone bills on our return. But fortunately the dual SIM phone can be a simple solution to this problem. When going on holiday local SIM cards can be purchased if required, these can help anyone pay similar rates to the local calling rates.

Another worry can be the problem of losing your beloved smart phone when on holiday. As going to the beach in the scorching heat combined with going out each night, it can be understandable why taking an expensive phone may dampen the fun. This is why not only will a dual SIM device allow you to make huge savings whilst on holiday and when in the UK, but allow a worry free scenario if the phone is lost.

To also help increase savings whilst abroad ensure that family and friends are using VoIP or cheap access numbers or calling cards to make cheap calls to South Africa, USA, India and hundreds of other countries around the world low cost and even free, as long as when using VoIP services on holiday there is a suitable WI-FI. It's wise to always seek out cheap alternatives when making calls to and from international destinations as there are always ways to avoid paying overpriced costs.

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